How to Detect EMF in Your Environment, Measure it Correctly and Interpret the Readings Accurately

With Optional Start-Up Meter Kit: All the meters you'll need to measure EF, MF, RF, Dirty Electricity, Body Voltage & Faulty Wiring

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This Self-Guided EMF Meter Video Training teaches you how to detect EMF in your environment, measure it correctly, and interpret the reading accurately, with the most convenient course of all the training courses we offer, and also the least expensive. Developed especially for those who want quality specialized training from a world recognized electrical engineer with a solid career background in EMF Safety, but prefer to learn online, at their own pace, on their own convenient schedule.

PLUS, completing this training will qualify you to begin generating income right away! Once you have completed this self guided training you will receive an Award of Completion (for display on your website, blog etc.) that indicates your fine achievement, and qualifies you to join our generous online affiliate program that rewards you for your online referrals to others who are interested in acquiring highly respected EMF Meter Training.

EVEN BETTER, 50% of the cost of this self guided course can be credited towards tuition for EMF Expert Consultant Certification training (taught live online), should you later wish to attain respected professional credentials for EMF Detection and Protection Consulting (within a year).


This self guided training sets out to make an EMF meter simple to use, easy to understand and practical in assessing the EMF exposure levels from wireless technology (celltowers, cellphones, WiFi, 5G and more) added to all the fields of electrical and magnetic smog that you and your family are impacted by on a daily basis.

Most meter marketing rhetoric on the web, and unqualified meter training, leaves you more frustrated than when you started. Meters can be confounding if you do not know what the information in your user manual means or how it applies to real life situations, and meter readings can be confusing if you don't have a solid foundation of knowledge built on an understanding of what EMF actually is, how it behaves, and some practical know-how about the scientific laws that it obeys.

Using video demonstrations, instructive photos of real-world EMF situations, and the guidance of a world respected electrical engineer who leads you step by step in everyday English, this respected EMF Meter training consists of the three key components to mastering correct meter use:

1. Understanding Your EMF Meter User Manual: Vital Info that Can Help Your Meter Perform up to its Potential and Make You a Better Meter User

2. Visualizing EMF Behavior: Applying the Laws of Physics with your Trained Mind's Eye to Achieve More Accurate Measuring Skill

3. Hands-On EMF Meter Measurement Taking and Display Readings Interpretation: Detecting and Measuring EMF Correctly with your Meter and Interpreting Accurately What Your Meter is Telling You.

What's Next?
What Meters make great 'Next Steps' based on your individual circumstance; how to determine what meter(s) you need as you advance in metering skill. What EMF situations are beyond the scope of beginner consumer grade meters. What EMF exposure levels require further training or the help of an EMF Professional.


1 TriField TF2 Meter to measure Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, Radio/Microwave Fields, Average Field Strength, Peak Field Strength, Dirty Electricity (Weighted & Standard), EMF Field Strength Audio Sounds

1 MultiMeter to measure body voltage (this 'multi' meter is capable of measuring multiple electrical characteristics however we focus only on body voltage)

1 Line Noise EMI Meter to measure Electric Magnetic Interference (Dirty Electricity) on Electrical Wiring

1 Compass to measure Static Magnetic Fields

1 Electrical Receptacle & Ground Tester tests for Faulty Wiring

1 EMF Meter Protective Carrying Case to keep all your meters handy, safe and secure.

Please Note: Some details in the photo illustration (such as colors, models, etc) may change due to unavailability, however the quality and function of each instrument in the kit will remain of equal or greater value.


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Your Instructor

Chris Young, PE
Chris Young, PE

Senior Professional Electrical Engineer
Founder: EMF-Experts.com

Experienced EMF Detection and Protection know-how combined with our positive can-do approach will enable you to achieve EMF (electromagnetic field) safety that you can trust, in the full confidence of training with an experienced EMF professional.

I am the Founder of EMF EXPERTS and I personally stand behind each training course that we do here at EMF Experts, where we are dedicated to the highest professional standards in observance of our mission statement and guiding principles. I'm a Professional Electrical Engineer in the USA; at various times in my career I have held professional engineering licenses in nearly every state in the nation and I've also headed up organizations in over 20 countries.

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  EMF Measurement
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and and ends when you request your Award of Completion (your diploma-looking certificate will be delivered to you online automatically upon request) It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish, and you have 4 months to complete reading the course content, viewing the videos and downloading the resource material.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course across any and all devices you own for four months. You can enroll in one course at a time, or enroll in several at the same time. If you need longer than the allotted course time to complete the trianing, just bounce us an email with your extension request.
What is You Customer Satisfaction Policy?
We have designed this classroom to enable you to “try before you buy”, and that is why we have made several FREE courses available for you to try out our learning platform, to get to know us and experience the quality of our training content. No refunds are offered for paid-for courses once they have been started, however we will work with you to make sure you have an excellent learning experience, and if you need an extension to complete the training due to unforeseen delay, we are happy to accommodate you to provide whatever learning time you need. Each instrument in The EMF Meter Start Up Kit is tested before it is shipped out to you and is assured to be new (never before used) and in excellent working order We do not accept returns items, however the various manufacturers warranty that apply to each instrument will be included in your kit.
How Do I Apply the Tuition Credit (that I earn for passing this course) Toward EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training?
Simply bounce us an email at Contact Us: www.emf-experts.com and we will verify your enrollment and completion in this course, and email you a coupon code for our EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training. You have one year from the time you enroll in this course to begin the certification training course.

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